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Posted by bhattiassociatesofficial on October 27, 2022


Defense Housing Authority Islamabad-Rawalpindi is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, secure, and eco-friendly living community that satisfies all of its clients’ social demands by providing top-notch services at competitive prices.

It creates a secure, safe, and hygienic living environment for all Housing Authority Islamabad clients due to its great location, cutting-edge infrastructure, and upper-edge security, DHA Phase 9 Islamabad is one of the most desirable residential communities in the federal capital.

Approximate Area and Location

DHA Phase 9 Islamabad is one of the best places in Pakistan to live and invest in. It would be situated on the primary block of land, which spans an area of around 39 square km and is positioned between the Islamabad Highway and Margalla Road.

According to the concept for DHA City Karachi, DHA 9 Islamabad was created. DHA 9 is now being made public after the early phases were successful. 12000 Kanal of land has already been acquired for this project, which is a considerable quantity. Phase 9 is situated on the main Chakri road, close to the Thai junction.

Current Status of Development 

DHA Phase 9 has acquired a total of 12000 Kanals of land. Residential plots of about one Kanal have been announced for sector 1. Within DHA phase 9 Islamabad, the commercial sector is expected to open up after the residential block is finished. Plots will be turned over to owners by the organization until December 2023, and many blocks are now under construction. There are currently residential possibilities in DHA Phase 9 in Islamabad, such as on 1 Kanal.

What Makes Investing in DHA Phase 9 Islamabad Such a Smart Choice?

DHA Phase 9 Islamabad is offering a distinctive and all-encompassing value with a substantial and reliable hub for wise investments and enterprises.  DHA Phase 9 has the highest levels of Credibility, Communities, and Customer Satisfaction. It provides a wide range of modern civic amenities to suit your needs and way of life. DHA Phase 9, Islamabad stands out from the competition due to its high living standards and cutting-edge construction. From an investment standpoint, it is the ideal society because it provides top-notch amenities and substantial profits quickly.

All of the sectors are located in desirable areas with easy access to several facilities. These facilities provide inhabitants with a variety of advantages, including affordable shopping in neighborhood bazaars, mouthwatering culinary options, and simple access to the top-notch medical and educational institution neighborhood. The following basic prominent amenities are offered by DHA Phase 9:

  • Living in luxury, ease, and peace
  • Attractive quarterly installment plans for plots of land for habitation and business
  • A distinctive suburban and commercial space with all the benefits
  • Enduring infrastructure
  • Ecologically sound development
  • Communal places of worship
  • Modern educational institutions
  • Academic establishments
  • Guarded by the checkpoint
  • Plumbing and cable built underground



Here at DHA 9, security is always of the utmost importance. Society has put in place several security measures to protect its citizens. Our on-site security crew is constantly available to handle any potential incidents, and CCTV cameras are installed throughout the development to monitor all public areas. All guests must check in and out at the security office. We also have a guarded entrance with access control.


As part of the DHA 9 master plan, there are various hospitals kinds, each with a specialized function. Some hospitals are for patients with certain medical issues, while others are for people who need surgery. Even hospitals for animals exist in addition to hospitals for children. 


There are various community facilities in DHA 9 that provide distinctive services. There is a community center in DHA 9 that is ideal for you, whether you want to play sports, take a yoga class, or meet new people.


The DHA 9 schools enable students in achieving their academic goals with the most modern facilities and competent teaching staff. The schools also provide children with access to recreational opportunities and sporting grounds that support the growth of their complete selves. In terms of higher education institutions, quite a few universities may be accessed in 10 to 15 minutes from any phase of DHA in Islamabad.


Mosques are an amenity that can be found in every block. Every phase of the well-planned DHA neighborhood in Islamabad features a mosque, allowing inhabitants to easily fulfill their religious requirements and requiring only a minute’s walk.


The commercial sections in DHA Phase 9 are popular with both investors and businesspeople. Markets, banks, offices, and everything else in between are located in commercial spaces. In a similar vein, DHA, Islamabad provides inhabitants with a variety of markets within its borders.


Nowadays, banks are regarded as a necessary amenity, making it easier for individuals to visit them if they are close by. In terms of DHA, Islamabad, the neighborhood is actually awash with banks. Keeping its projects green has always been a priority for DHA. The majority of DHA projects include environmentally friendly development strategies and sustainable infrastructure. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that all of the DHA Phase 9 sections in Islamabad are nicely furnished with parks and green areas.


The DHA Phase 9 Islamabad is supplied with energy by the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). People are permitted to install and operate their own personal UPS systems and generators in the event of a power outage or other malfunctions.


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