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    Prism Estate & Builders has completed several noteworthy projects in Pakistan over the past two decades. With years of experience in Pakistan’s Real Estate and construction industries, Prism has now advanced and introduced the renowned housing society in Gujar Khan, known as “Prism Town Gujar Khan” Located 3 kilometres from the centre of Gujar Khan City  GT Road. Additionally, they want to deliver the most value for your money, and they strive to serve the Luxurious Standard community with reasonable prices to meet the needs of both National and international customers. residents.

    Prism town Gujar khan Developers

    PRISM has worked in the real estate industry for two decades, primarily with Bahria Town Pvt Ltd, DHA and Gulberg Islamabad.

    Prism Estate and Builders is a construction company that would assist clients, builders, and owners of retail properties in seeing and forecasting the outcomes of their investments. A group of creative and committed people formed the business, and they based PRISM on the five fundamental values: creativity, brilliance, authenticity, dedication, and reliability.

    Prism Town Gujar khan Payment Plan

    Prism Town Gujar khan payment plans are very reasonable. The management tries to provide the potential customer with outclass facilities at affordable prices. Prism town Gujar khan 5 marla plots dimension are (25*45) and price is 3,000,000/- Pakistani rupees, with a down payment of 600,000 PKR and 12 quarterly instalments of 200,000 PKR each.

    Prism town Gujar khan 10 marla plots dimension are (35*70) and plot price, is  5,500,000/- Pakistani rupees, with a down payment of 1,000,000 PKR and 12 quarterly instalments of 375,000 PKR each.

    Prism town Gujar khan, 1 Kanal plots dimension, are (50*90) and plot price, is 10,000,000/- Pakistani rupees, with a down payment of 2,000,000 PKR and 12 quarterly instalments of 666,666 PKR each.

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    Facilities and amenities in Prism Town Gujar khan

    There are many strategic features in Prism Town Gujar khan which make the Society unique and premium from other societies, and some are as follows.

    Boulevard and spacious roads

    Main Boulevard will be made with carpeting 250 feet wide by Prism Town Gujar Khan contractors. Given that it is the primary road that leads to the housing society, there should be space on the main boulevard. Additionally, the Society has spacious streets about 40 feet wide to avoid blockage.


    Since most Pakistanis are Muslims, they require mosques near where they reside to practise their religion. Prism Town Gujar Khan residents will soon benefit from a glorious Jamia Masjid constructed by the property developers.

    Parks and Cinemas

    Residents of Prism Town will have fantastic, spacious parks next to their homes where they may go and spend every minute with family. In addition, there are cinemas for leisure so the entire family can experience value time together.

    Commercial zone

    The Prism town Gujar khan has an extensive commercial zone with different  National and international brand shops, so the housing complex resident will have access to all the things they need.

    Fundamental efficiencies

    Housing societies wouldn’t exist without essential efficiencies. Thus the developers of Prism town Gujar khan make sure to provide underneath electricity for adequate electricity for their residents, supply of gas so the residents’ work will not affect, and water storage and supply seven days a week.

    Safety measures for the residents

    Security is more crucial than the other qualities described above. The residents can live without worrying about thieves and other people if the neighbourhood is safe. Prism Town Gujar Khan offers round-the-clock security and steady significant gates. In addition, the main areas have security equipment and CCTV cameras that will record outsiders’ movements.

    Schools and nurseries

    The developers have a keen eye on their residents’ requirements, so they are deciding to build international standards of schools and nurseries for future inhabitants.


    Prism Town Gujar khan is a product of the PRISM Estate and Builder’s, and they don’t require an introduction. The residential complex’s significance is its landmark on the main GT road. In the existing real estate market, Society offers an excellent investment opportunity. Based on existing trends and market conditions, the prices of the plots will increase rapidly.

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