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    DHA Islamabad Phase 9 is an exceptional housing venture available for all investors from the DHA adjacent areas. Moreover, Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd is developing this armed forces housing project. And the most pleasing look is that the buyers are known for building the international-class housing community. Moreover, the site is again close to the DHA phases making it ideal for investors from the nearby areas. The basic idea of developers is to make the living standards of all investors and the residents. Initially, the housing community was there to facilitate the armed forces, but after the success and demand, the housing society offered living space for both armed and civil communities.

    The housing venture has an approved legal status. Moreover, investors usually prefer to invest in legal housing ventures, and DHA Islamabad Phase 9 has fulfilled this need of future residents and investors. Furthermore, the features and facilities with the affordability factors make this investment more reliable. Lastly, the blog will have relevant details about this residing community.

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    Developers & Owners

    The DHA Phase will have the legacy continued of the armed forces housing venture. Moreover, the previous eight phases of DHA have all investors’ best and long-term living standards. The developers are the Habib Rafiq group that ensures the best infrastructure and unique features in all of their ventures. Both are the best combination to deliver the vest deliverables and living space to all future residents. Lastly, owners’ and developers’ names are enough for all the investors to make a dream real estate investment here.


    The location of this exceptional housing scheme will be in the prime area of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, it will be near Capital Smart City Islamabad and at the M2 Motorway. Furthermore, the housing ventures are accessible from the valuable housing schemes adding to the worth of this housing scheme. And the closeness of this area from the thalian interchange and Islamabad International Airport is increasing the value of this housing venture.

    The DHA Islamabad Phase 9 is close to DHA phases VI and VII. Moreover, the investors and residents of phases six and seven can access the site easily. All these site accessibilities make it the most trustworthy investment option for all investors from the country and overseas.

    Master Plan

    The housing venture will have the best master plan to include the ideal investment rates for all investors. And with the international-level facilities and features, the developers will offer the residential dream opportunity for all. Moreover, residential and commercial facilities will be available with premium quality and international standards features. And the developer’s idea is to make an excellent investment option so they can achieve long-term living goals. Most importantly, the land available for living purposes will be 15,000 Kanals. Lastly, the other details of properties available here will be:

    Residential Plots

    The residential plots in DHA Islamabad Phase 9 will be numerous sizes and ideal for facilitating investors with the best possible facilities and features. Moreover, the developers and owners are making an ideal investment option for all investors in remarkable ways. Furthermore, the housing venture has different properties that can access all facilities and features. Therefore, this will be a significant and profitable residential investment for all.

    Commercial Plots

    Commercial zones will create profitable opportunities that are also fruitful for all investors. And the reason is to make higher monetary gains. Moreover, the investors can make it a rental property or start business ventures here. But, most importantly, the location is highly affordable and accessible, making it a suitable site to create any commercial setup. Therefore, the commercial properties at DHA Islamabad Phase 9 will be the ideal and profitable investment option for all business-oriented individuals.

    Payment Plan

    The DHA Islamabad Phase 9 payment plan is highly affordable compared to other nearby housing ventures. Moreover, the developers must ensure that the residential space can entertain most investors. Most importantly, the instalment plan will have the most manageable payment schedule, making all investors a plus investing here. Moreover, the prices will be payable over a long period which is what all investors look for in a residential investment.


    The features of this DHA phase will be outstanding and numerous. And the exceptional and attractive them will be:

    • Eco-Friendly Community
    • Optimal sewerage System
    • Wide Streets
    • Main Boulevard
    • Fitness Ares
    • Community Club
    • Parking Area
    • Commercial Plazas
    • Apartment
    • Health centre
    • Educational institutions
    • Green Belt
    • Secured Environment
    • CCTV Cameras
    • Marts and Malls
    • Mosque
    • Graveyard
    • Fitness Areas

    Booking Process in DHA Islamabad Phase 9?

    The booking procedure to get an ideal residential investment in this housing venture is effortless. Moreover, the process will be easier for both local and overseas investors.

    • Fill allocation form booking a plot.
    • The investors will be required two passport-size photos
    • Two CNIC photocopies
    • Submitting the document to concerned authorities.

    DHA Islamabad Phase 9 Facilities

    The DHA extension will have numerous and tremendous facilities for all. Moreover, the developers ensure that all investors will have quality and long-term living standards by having these facilities.

    Secured Gated Community

    The developer’s and owner’s priority is to offer all residents a calm and protective living space. Moreover, the housing project will provide a safe environment for long-term residential investments. Furthermore, as is well known, the subject site will be equipped with CCTV Cameras and cutting-edge technological technologies. Additionally, security personnel will ensure that all future residents have a tranquil and stress-free living environment. Homeowners would also fantasise about having the most excellent living amenities here.

    Healthcare Facilities

    There will be healthcare centres and services available around the clock. Moreover, the investors and residents will access there in a medical emergency. Most importantly, living here will be a reliable option as international standard living criteria will be available for all future residents. Lastly, these medical services will be reasonably priced, making them suitable for all investors.

    Educational Centers

    Schools and colleges will offer the ideal living standards to all by getting and achieving their educational goals. Moreover, international standards of education will provide a high-class syllabus and curriculum. All these facilities and educational centres will be part of this DHA centre. Therefore, investing in reliable DHA extensions will be a desirable option.

    Eco-Friendly Housing Project

    The housing endeavour will offer a fantastic residential investment opportunity for all upcoming investors. Additionally, the plants will improve the environment’s peace and cleanliness. Most significantly, it will contribute to reducing the community’s risks associated with the climate. The construction activity will also follow the owner’s instructions and adhere to urban town planning requirements, reducing waste and promoting efficient resource usage.

    Business Opportunities

    The home community will have business plots available. Additionally, the high-quality infrastructure will increase the success of commercial investment. And doing so will assist in generating the best business opportunities and leads. The cost of these properties will also aid in starting any business. Finally, the location and amenities of the commercial zone will also contribute to increased financial returns.

    Provision of all Basics

    The proprietors are here to provide all investors with basic requirements at their door. Additionally, they want to improve the lifestyle’s convenience and wellness. Gas, water, and electricity supply are also necessary for raising the standard of living. The fact that all of these amenities will be affordable and constantly accessible will be crucial in ensuring that all investors can lead long and healthy lives.

    Grand Mosque

    The housing community will have the Mosque that will offer the best lifestyle to all residents. Moreover, they can fulfill their religious obligations in the secured gated community. Furthermore, the best aspect is infrastructure, which will be a fascinating factor for all investors. And the particular element is that the residents do not have to go outside the community to offer prayers. So, in return, it will save time and energy for all prospective residents.

    Parks & Grounds

    There will be parks and grounds that will enhance the quality of living for all investors and residents. Moreover, all modern living involves excellent health practices. Furthermore, developers are willing to maintain the legacy of the previous DHA phases. All the phases offer a higher standard of living to all investors and future residents. Lastly, the parks and the grounds will be open for the family, where they can spend leisure time with their families.

    Shopping Malls & Marts

    The shopping malls will allow the residents to buy day-to-day groceries. Moreover, the developers are willing to make a sound and sustainable living here. Furthermore, the residents will have the best quality and reasonable commodities available in the single-gated community. And the marts will have all the branded and local products to meet the living requirements of the residents. Lastly, the developers will have the best living plan for all the residents and investors.

    High-Quality Infrastructure

    The developers and owners are famous for providing premium quality residing space to all. One consideration for all developers and owners will be the premium quality deliverables. Furthermore, it is necessary to get the dream and ideal investment opportunities. Throughout their stay in this area, investors will yield profit and create the best business deals and leads. Lastly, the long-term and unique space will also increase the worth of the community and investments.

    Development Status

    The housing venture will have the best infrastructure for all investors and residents. Moreover, the developers are ensuring to use of international urban town planning standards to make it a reliable site. Furthermore, the land is available for cutting and levelling plots, and construction will soon start there. And the developers are confident in offering the best living space to all investors and future residents shortly. Lastly, DHA Islamabad Phase 9 development work will be complete with an international standard of living and unique infrastructure. And the updates of development work here will be available on the website, so stay connected with them. Lastly, please visit our website and learn about the current development updates.

    Why Invest here?

    The DHA phase will offer the best lifestyle. And the best aspect is that the investors and future residents have ideal living standards here because of the previous phases of DHA. But, most importantly, there will be numerous features and facilities available in the content above. The developers are ensuring to keep their deliverable legacy and standards high. All the essential commodities and facilities will be available at inexpensive rates, allowing them to attain a sustainable lifestyle in a single-gated community. Lastly, the plot sizes and the prices will be a range of investors with easy payable time.


    The DHA Islamabad Phase 9 will be an excellent residential investment for investors from and outside the country. Moreover, the developers of this housing scheme are Habib Rafiq, who knows the art of building exceptional living spaces for all investors, including those from the government and overseas. However, the construction work will soon start with the best international standards. Most importantly, the facilities and features will be available 24/7 at highly reasonable rates. Moreover, the commercial and residential properties will be of different sizes, which will help long-term investment opportunities.


    Q1. What is DHA Islamabad Phase 9?

    It is an exceptional housing venture available for all investors from the DHA adjacent areas.

    Q2. Where is its site map and location?

    It will be near the famous housing venture Capital Smart City and the M2 Motorway.

    Q3. What are its nearby attraction?

    It is close to DHA phases VI and VII

    Q4. Who are the developers of this DHA extension?

    Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd will be creating this world-class armed forces housing project extension.

    Q5. When will the development work start here?

    Developers and owners are promising to deliver the best quality deliverable soon.

    Q6. Will there be any commercial plots?

    Yes, there will be commercial properties set in there.

    Q7. Are payment plans affordable, or do they offer an instalment plan?

    The payment plan is highly affordable with specific instalment provisions.

    Q8. Is this investment reliable and sustainable?

    Yes, investment in DHA Phase 9 is reliable and I will give high returns in future.

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