Bahria Town developers are heading to their next destination in the twin towns, this time in Islamabad. The next stop will be our capital city of Islamabad, the Bahria city in Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. The people are certain that this time too they will not be disappointed. The project is one of the smaller developers in Bahria Town and is therefore very popular in this region. It is well structured.

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The Town of Bahria is a reputable property investment firm headquartered in Rawalpindi responsible for a variety of high-end real estate developments in Pakistan’s leading cities. They send the Habib Rafiq Pvt the building duties. Ltd, the leading Rawalpindi and Islamabad building firm, operating Defense Housing Authority (DHA), Islamabad projects. Rafiq Pvt Habib. In Islamabad, Ltd. has also unveiled its innovative Capital Smart City residence scheme.

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Bahria Town’s other projects

Town of Bahria Pvt. The Ltd is the real estate mogul and Pakistan’s massive brand. In all major cities of Pakistan, the management firm has successfully carried out the following projects:

Bahria Garden City Houses, Safari Villas, Meadows, Bahria Golf City, Bahria Heights, Executive Lodges, Overseas Enclave, Safari Houses, Safari Valley – Rafi Block, Safari Malley and Safari Mall. Bahia Garden City Zone 5, Palisades Apartments, Bahria Golf City, Bahria Gardens, Bahria Enclave Apartments, Bahria enclave Garden City, Bahria Enclave Islamabad, Safari Villas, Meadows, Bahria / Safari Estate.

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Islamabad place in Bahria Enclave

It lies on Zone IV of Islamabad Capital, near Chak Shahzad, the Park Road and the Kuri Road. It is situated near Jinnahme Avenue. It is one of Islamabad’s most convenient and fast access sites and provides many ways from and to the Enclave in Bahria.
Bahria Enclave Phase I falls close to Mouza Molat and Phase II falls close to Mouza Phulgraan.

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Next to the Places

Worth seeing are Park View City Islamabad, Model Town of Islamabad, Green Enclave, FIA Park Enclave, Chak Shahsad, Park Ave., PTV Colone, Bani Gala, Farash Town, Alhamra Ave., Barma and Haider buildings, which have been highlighted by this important project. Also a few minutes away is Gulberg Gray.

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Area Total

Divided in two phases i.e. Phase 1, Phase 2, Bahria Enclave. Phase 1 shall be expanded to 836 Channels; Phase 2 shall be allocated in the 1180 Channels area, while the Phase II Agrofarming Scheme shall occupy 2047 Channels area.

Points of access

Access points from Chak Shahzad, Kashmir Highway and Lehtrar Road & Islamabad Highway are approximately 8 km from Chak Shahzad (15 minute’s drive). The new Bahria Town road will open via Kuri Road as well. A new four-lane road will open.

NOC and licences

n January 2012, Capital Development Authority (CDA) approved Bahria Enclave’s development plan.
A NOC is released for Sector A, B and C, while the company awaits certificates of objection for the remainder of the blocks.

Functions of Bahria Enclave

Below are some of the most significant aspects of the culture.

  • Restaurants
  • Zoo & Parks
  • Cinema Plex Gold
  • Trading zones
  • Standard School & Hospital International
  • Major Mosque of Jamiah
  • 100 metres wide sidewalks, green belts and footpaths
  • landscaped
  • Complete neighbourhood gated
    Electricity, gas , water and phone supply in the underground
  • Project information of Bahria Enclave
    Two stages, called phase 1 and stage 2, include the Bahia Enclave of Islamabad. Phase1 includes almost 836 sewer areas with more than 600 residential plots and Phase2 includes 400 residential plots with 1180 sewerage areas.
  • The business and its sub-sectors are composed of a total of 15 sectors. They are alphabetically numbered between A and P. All sectors have plots of the 5, 8 , 10 Marla, 1 Canal and 2 Canal and 4 , 5 and 8 Marla industrial plots. All regions have residential plots.
  • 11 Villas in Marla will be up for sale in the housing venture soon and are under construction. The management has undertaken to create a model villa to demonstrate the true project potential.
  • This model house is available to tourists to enjoy the atmosphere of the local environment.
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