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Posted by bhattiassociatesofficial on October 12, 2022

Real estate investing is seen as being safer and superior to other business investment kinds. The rewards are bigger and investing is simpler. Because of this, most investors choose to invest in real estate in Pakistan to maximize their profits. Property investment in Islamabad/Rawalpindi can be made for several valid reasons, including generating a rental income or finding a new house.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s real estate markets are highly active in terms of offering returns on investment. In the Twin Cities, people make real estate investments to profit from their holdings through rentals. A few of the main reasons to invest in property sectors are:

  • Stable Investment

The biggest benefit of investing in real estate in Pakistan is its consistent returns.

  • New Assets

A major and long-lasting asset is a home or an apartment. Additionally, it usually appreciates, allowing for the possibility of capital gains on resale. Housing societies like Gulberg Islamabad, Bahria Enclave, DHA Islamabad Phase 9, Jinnah Garden, and many others are available for investment.

  • Investment Plan

In Pakistan, purchasing a new home is the primary motivation for investing in real estate. This is undoubtedly the main motivation for wanting to own a house.

  • Retirement Plan

Owning a business enables you to reap financial rewards and set up a comfortable retirement income.

  • Continuous Rental Income

Rent collection enables the growth of investments and assets, making it a traditional form of saving.


Real estate is one of the safest and most popular investment opportunities in Pakistan among the numerous other business ideas because:

  • Real estate can assist folks to earn passive income in addition to helping them own a physical asset. Additionally, you may use Airbnb to make extra money by listing your spare room.
  • Since housing is a necessity, it is unaffected by inflation.
  • Real estate owners also benefit from several tax benefits.
  • Real estate presents very little risk of loss.
  • Real estate has numerous uses. It can serve as a space for housing, an investment opportunity, and a passive income source all at once.
  • Real estate gives you complete control of the tangible commodity. It implies that you can effectively manage your funds.


These are a few of the main benefits of investing in real estate. Do think about investing in real estate if you’re searching for a safe long-term investment. Do your homework, attempt to become acquainted with the top real estate investment cities in your area, and make investments as a result.

  • Several brand-new housing developments, including Gulberg Smart Lifestyle, Prism Town Gujjar Khan, New Metro City Gujjar Khan, and DHA Islamabad Phase 09 Offerings are beneficial.
  • Investment plans that generate rental income are available in the above-mentioned societies.
  • Low land prices and good investment possibilities are present. 
  • Value at auction is increasing quickly as a result of rising demand.
  • Investment and purchase can be accomplished over time.
  • It delivers the advantages of long-term investments.
  • There are several opportunities for residential and commercial investments in the property sector.


Before investing in any of the aforementioned possibilities, certain aspects are taken into account. Legal issues, the project’s estimated value, and the investor’s level of investment commitment are only a few possible explanations. All of the mentioned options are thought to offer a higher final yield. Before making any investment decisions, these possibilities must be taken into account.

Three important factors—scarcity, utility, and demand—will cause the Pakistani real estate market to appreciate. Residential property is in short supply throughout the nation; there are currently 10.3 million unoccupied homes.

Contact Bhatti Associates for details on affordable and reachable housing projects in Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 2022. Bhatti Associates is one of the main companies providing marketing services to Pakistan’s real estate sector for many years.

Call 0348 1119994 or stop by our office at Main Gulberg Expy, Block B Gulberg Greens, Office # 13 & 14, Lower Ground Floor, Diamond Mall & Residency, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 46000, or visit our website to learn more about the greatest investment options in the Twin Cities. In addition to offering guidance, we will assist you in locating the ideal home for investment.

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