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Magnificent modern dream farmhouses with 4, 5, and 10 Kanal ready to purchase are available at Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Posted by bhattiassociatesofficial on November 24, 2022

Farmhouses are a priced commodity when it comes to property dealing. Therefore, owning a farmhouse in the right place is significant. Gulberg greens Islamabad is one such place where you can invest in 4,5 and 10-kanal farmhouses without any hesitation. Because it has got all the basic amenities of life that are associated with a modern farmhouse.

Gulberg Greens farmhouses is a piece of Gulberg Islamabad, an extravagant agro farms project laid down by Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS) in 2005. This project is otherwise known as IBECHS Phase III, Islamabad. It is situated on Islamabad highway at the convergence of Zone 4 and Zone 5. It is just 3km from Benazir Bhutto Global Airport and 12km from Islamabad Club.

The main design of Gulberg incorporates the “Gulberg Greens” which is the farmhouse plan for extravagant living. Gulberg Greens is situated at Mouza Koral Zone-IV, the project covers 3862 kanals of land with around 409 private plots. Gulberg Greens has been further classified into different enclaves on account of the plot sizes. 4 Kanal farmhouses are a part of the Jasmine enclave. While the Rose and Tulip enclaves consist of 5 and 10-kanal farmhouses respectively.

Gulberg green offers prepared modern farmhouses running in size from 4, 5, to 10 Kanal. These properties ensure a sumptuous way of life and a grand perspective on Islamabad’s scenery. It consists of 6 blocks which include the Executive block, blocks A, block B, block C block D, and block E. Gulberg Greens also has significant commercial projects such as the Civic Center, Business Park, and Business Square. It is also linked to the common commercial boulevard of Greens and Residencia, which is also known as the Blue Area.



Gulberg green consists of wide and spacious roads that can make traveling really easy. It has the Express Way & Main Avenues and 220′, 200′, 160′, 150′, 120′ wide main roads. It comprises of main traffic roads that are 100, 70, and 80 degrees wide. The streets are also very spacious.


Gulberg greens have a tremendous underground electricity distribution network along with a proper underground sewerage system that contains proper sewerage treatment plants. Water is aplenty here because of its top-notch underground water supply network which is being run with the help of tube wells, and underground and overhead water storage facilities. A water cleaning system is also in place through the filtration plants. Mobile and Wi-Fi signals are present constantly due to the underground telecommunication system. The underground gas network is another underground system in place here.


Some of the other basic facilities of life which are present here contain an auditorium and public library for people that are interested in literature.  An amusement park where children and older people can spend their time in a fresh environment. Jogging tracks and walkways are also available for the community. A gymnasium with the best machinery is also present that can aid you in keeping fit and healthy. Sports and cultural complexes are a big help for the community when it comes to recreational activities. Fine dine in experience is also available at Gulberg greens as all the big food outlets are present here.

Theater and Cineplex further add to the charm of the society and the

a golf club is a place where people like to spend their weekends.

The reasons to put investment in Gulberg greens Islamabad are not restricted, there are a large number of reasons to put or get your own farmhouse in Gulberg greens. The most significant reason is that the society got its No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the government quite a while ago in the past. This society has also been approved by the CDA (Capital Development Authority) which is another big plus.

Assuming you are keen on buying a farmhouse in Gulberg greens Islamabad, then Souqalard is the best organization to contact; we have been managing property in Gulberg Islamabad for a very long time now and have a lot of expertise that can assist you in making the right choice. For further information, contact us at

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