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Gulberg Greens Islamabad offers a thorough paperwork process for the seller and the purchaser tax for the 4, 5, and 10 Kanal plot

Posted by bhattiassociatesofficial on November 15, 2022

Tax keeps the country going smoothly. Tax is the sum utilized for the government assistance of the residents. All being said, would you say you are paying your taxes? If you believe the economy and country should settle all you really want to do to contribute is to begin paying your taxes.

Being capable residents, we should pay taxes regularly. The paid taxes guarantees our monetary dependability. The vast majority conceal their properties altogether not to pay taxes, which is very wrong. The property is a resource of your nation and keeping in mind that you acquire it, you are expected to genuinely pay the taxes. The tax, consequently, is used for the prosperity of the country. In this blog, we will guide you through the taxes and paperwork that the seller and purchaser have to go through while negotiating a property.


Property tax in Pakistan is a provincial tax collected on the yearly rental worth of the property, in light of Urban Immovable Property tax acts of separate provinces. Tax rates are different for each region. It is either a flat rate or a percentage of the yearly rental worth. Rental worth doesn’t imply that the property must be rented. It basically gives an evaluated value by the government of how much rent would be produced, had the structure been rented. For every province, the rate of tax collection varies relying on whether the property is leased or self-used.

As per extract, tax collection, and narcotics Control Office, Punjab, there is a 5% yearly rental worth that is demanded as tax. Yearly rental value is entirely settled by surveying properties in light of their type– private or commercial, area and whether it is rented or self-used.


Withholding tax (WHT) is of the most extreme significance. It is a federal tax payable by both the purchasers and sellers on a property bargain. Homebuyers need to pay 2% assuming that they record an income tax return and 4% if they don’t document an income tax return. Individuals who are purchasing property need to pay WHT provided that the property is valued at more than PKR 4 million. Sellers need to pay 1% assuming they are tax filers or 2% in the event that they are non-filers. Withholding tax is to be paid at the hour of property bargain when you are enlisting the sales paper. WHT can also be called an ‘advance tax’, and that implies it goes about as an advance on different taxes and, subsequently can be changed into the homebuyer’s tax liabilities and furthermore against the Capital Gain’s tax of the dealer.

Under the Financial plan 2018-19, FBR rates were to be nullified, sellers would never again need to pay advance tax and rates would change for purchasers also. Nonetheless, to guarantee that the announced upsides of properties are fair, the government has shaped the Directorate of Immovable Property (DGIP). The arrangement to lay out it was announced in the Financial Act 2018. It will be approved to direct geo-planning of plots, apartments, and a wide range of housing plans and schemes. It will likewise decide the valuation of properties. It will also follow those areas of land where tax avoidance is plausible – particularly while gathering withholding taxes.

If we examine real estate, individuals like to purchase plots and homes in various housing societies. Different housing schemes offer an extensive variety of plot decisions from 4 Kanal, 5 Kanal to 10 Kanal. The tax applies to all private/government property purchasers and sellers. In this way, if you choose not to pay it, severe charges can be made against you by the FBR. The government has made it simple to work out your taxes and pay within due time by means of banks, tax divisions, or online exchanges.

Property costs are on the ascent regularly, so it is the best investment opportunity one can benefit from. The investment of today is the profit for tomorrow. Therefore, if you want to invest in any of the 4,5, and 10-kanal plots in Islamabad, then Gulberg Greens Islamabad is your best bet. We, at Souqalard, are a company of experts that can guide you with each and every aspect of real estate, for further information contact us at

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