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Posted by bhattiassociatesofficial on October 22, 2022

Bahria Enclave is one of Bahria Town’s most popular housing initiatives in Islamabad. This housing society is perhaps the greatest location for anyone looking to live out their ideal in a contemporary neighbourhood that is watched over by Margalla Hills.

The Bahria Enclave Islamabad is near Zone IV of Jinnah Avenue in Islamabad, which connects Park Road and Kuri Road. This housing society is comfortable and easily accessible for its occupants thanks to the connections of roads and highways. This housing society’s first phase is close to Mouza Molat. Phase Two, however, is close to Mouza Phulgraan.

Comprehensive Development Plan

A comprehensive development plan for this housing society was previously approved by the capital development authority CDA in 2012. Both the A&B and C sectors already have the authority to build infrastructure, although this permission just recently become available for the C sector. The remaining blocks are awaiting approval, which is anticipated to be given quickly.

Approximate Area

Phase 1 and Phase 2 are the two phases of this housing society. Phase One covers roughly 830 Kanal in total. Phase Two, however, is located above the approximate 1150 Kanal total area. In phase one, there are roughly 600 residential plots. 400 residential lots, however, are located in phase two.

Current State of Development

The development of this housing society is moving along quickly; about 40% of its facilities and utilities are now in place, and work is also being done on the sewerage system. Although new reservations are currently not being accepted, the plots are still available for selling. To deliver ultra-high-speed Internet and other smartphone services, such as phone connections and smart TVs, the PTCL will install optical fibre cables.

Why Is Bahria Enclave Islamabad Such a Good Investment?

One of Islamabad’s most opulent real estate housing societies is known as the Bahria Enclave. This housing society’s excellent location and first-rate living conditions are its main features. In comparison to other low-income housing societies, the Bahria Enclave Islamabad payment schedule is a little competitive, and the costs of the commercial plots are quite high. The demand for plots has been increasing tremendously, making this housing society much better and more worthy of its price. However, if someone is searching for a solid return on investment, now is the appropriate time and chance to invest in this housing society.

Also, several factors have drawn numerous inhabitants to the recently launched Bahria Enclave Phase 2. Due primarily to its location, one of the things that draw people to the area is the huge infrastructure network. In addition to its excellent location, this housing society offers everyone who lives there convenient access to several amenities. Among its rivals, the development structure is also regarded as the best. kingdom valley, a new housing development in Islamabad.


  • The well-developed infrastructure and accessibility of all the essential amenities required for living under one roof are this housing society’s biggest advantages.
  • His housing society is at the top of the list of housing societies in Islamabad that are conveniently located and accessible from several connecting roads and highways.
  • The best return on future investments is assured by the development of a top-notch structure.
  • It offers a lovely, serene atmosphere that is enhanced by the surrounding beautiful nature.
  • Plot costs and payment schedules are comparatively expensive.
  • In comparison to other housing societies, this one is smaller in size.


This housing society offers its residents first-rate amenities in the ideal location.

  • Community

A gated society for intellectuals exists in the Bahria Enclave.

  • Security

A 24-hour security system is present. CCTV cameras are deployed in strategic locations to provide strict surveillance.

  • Power Supply

With a full underground electrical cables system, it provides a constant power supply.

  • Medical Services

The hospitals are up to date, with cutting-edge machinery and knowledgeable, experienced staff.

  • Long-Term Investment

Plots in the Bahria Enclave Islamabad are likewise extremely reasonably priced. Long-term investment possibilities are available.

  • Attractions Points

Shopping centres and movie theatres are available, and they are the main attractions. Modern educational institutions and commercial markets can be found in the home society.

  • Gyms and Parks

The housing society offers a full range of recreational facilities, including gyms and parks.

  • Parking Space

Each block has a parking space for cars.

  • Facility of Mosques

Mosques are a feature that is accessible in every block.

  • Water and Sewage System

It includes an extensive road network as well as full water and sewage delivery system.

  • Services to Its Residents

To give its residents the greatest services possible, Bahria Enclave Islamabad also has post offices, bus terminals for each block, telephone exchanges, and fire stations erected.


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