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New Metro City Gujar Khan

Posted by Urooj Imtiaz on January 11, 2023
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    New Metro City Gujar Khan is a magnificent housing society in Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi. After New Metro City Kharian’s massive success, the builders have established a new housing society in Gujar Khan to offer remarkable housing options at a reasonable price. So buckle up for the first reservation, pricing of residential and commercial plots and their reservations will start in the coming few days.

    New Metro City Gujar Khan Location Map

    New Metro City Gujar Khan has positioned on the Gujar Khan Tehsil, main G.T road Rawalpindi. Investors in the Twin Cities are anxiously awaiting the project implementation announcement for this upscale housing complex owing to its proximity.

    The central G.T Road serves as New Metro City’s entry. Nevertheless, there are several additional points of admittance into the community. From various Gujar Khan regions and nearby cities like Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it presents straightforward and quick convenience.

    The below location map of New Metro City Gujar Khan location shows where it has indicated on Google.

    new metro city 4 july 01 1 1024x1024.jpg 1

    Furthermore, it is positioned near various places, compromising the Punjab College of Gujar Khan, Tehsil Head Quarters, The Mall of Gujar Khan, and the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Line. Any residential estate’s success depends heavily on the site. Additionally, geography is crucial in determining how accessible a civilization is. Customers and buyers pay close attention to products and services as the community becomes easier to access. Additionally, a desirable location close to famous monuments and other amenities enhances the quality of life for occupants and provides an exceptional style of living.

    Gujar khan New Metro City Developer

    The builder of the society is the BSM builder. Bilal Bashir Malik, the Chairman of New Metro City, is the project’s owner. BSM builders have been active in Pakistan’s real estate market for a while and are still paving their way up the ladder by completing lucrative projects.

    Their notable projects include  Golf City in Gwadar and  Kharian New Metro City. In addition, the builders are taking their experience to Gujar Khan and will shortly begin work on a new phase of the New Metro City venture.

    An internal team of skilled personnel from BSM Builders pool their talents to complete their projects. They carefully complete every step, from preparing to constructing to implementing, to provide what they guarantee. As a result, BSM Developers are well known for completing exceptional projects of the highest calibre in numerous Pakistani cities.

    Construction Progress

    Considering  Gujar Khan New Metro City is a new housing society, there aren’t any particular development projects underway at the moment. While some backfilling was completed at the project site, and the organization has begun rearranging its workforce and equipment there, full-scale development won’t start until after the initial announcement.  However, the builders have the honour of completing all their projects on schedule. Therefore, in New Metro City Gujar Khan, we anticipate the same development quality and prompt delivery.

    New Metro City Gujar khan NOC

    According to Tehsil Municipal Administration, New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC has been granted. However, no government document supports the assertion. Approximately 16000 Kanals of land have been bought for New Metro City Gujar Khan, but as the society’s limits grow, more property will have incorporated into the master plan.

    New Metro City MAP | Master Plan

    BSM Builders has not yet publicly debuted the New Metro City Gujar Khan master plan. However, the master plan has anticipated to be all-comprehensive, with specific housing units designed throughout the area and a sizable commercial hub for business activity, based on their previous project in Kharian. The New Metro City includes Main boulevards, Family Gardens, Amusement parks, Ancient monuments, Shopping malls, Theme parks, an Education zone, Healthcare zone,  Accessible networks of roads, Mosques, and a graveyard for the convenience of the residents.

    Residential blocks in New Metro City

    The Builders strive to create residential plots equally suitable for investment objectives because a significant proportion of land was allocated for residential properties. Additionally, various plot sizes were established to meet the needs of different general population groups ranging from 5,7,10 Marla and 1 Kanal. The residential blocks consist of the following blocks.

    • New Metro City General block
    • New Metro City Executive block
    • New Metro City Overseas block

    New Metro City Gujar Khan Residentail Payment Plan

    30 june new metro city 01 1024x1024.jpg 1

    The pre-launch rates and payment schedule for New Metro City Gujar Khan’s residential plots were formally announced. Although reservations have not yet begun, procedures should be accessible in the upcoming days. The 5 Marla plot sizes in Gujar Khan Metro city rates start at PKR 1,990,000 with a down payment of 450,000 and have monthly instalments for over two years. The payment plan is explicitly mentioned above. The 7 Marla plots rates started from PKR 2,790,000 with a down payment of 550,000 and have monthly instalments for over two years. The 10 Marla plots rates started from PKR  3,790,000 with a down payment of 750,000 and have monthly instalments for over two years. The 1 Kanal plots rates started from PKR 6,990,000 with a down payment of 1,050,000 and have monthly instalments for over two years.

    New Metro City Gujar Khan Commercial

    A residential project lacks a business area within the community’s boundaries. Therefore, it helps locals meet their basic needs without frequently leaving the site. In addition, commercial plots of various sizes 2.66 Marla and 05 Marlas will be made available with premium facilities to encourage the efficient operation of different retail establishments and companies.

    New Metro City Gujar Khan Commercial Payment Plan

    NEW METRO City Commercial Payment Plan 1024x1024.jpg 1

    Amenities offered by New Metro City

    The Makers give particular consideration to creating an investment-friendly and productive housing project. The project is near Rawalpindi and Islamabad, increasing its accessibility and, eventually, its value. The builders of New Metro City appreciate the significance of the good life. Also, they have set aside a sizable portion of the overall land area for vegetation, parks for recreation, and open spaces. In addition to making society more environmentally friendly, this will also provide citizens with a healthier environment. Furthermore, a boundary wall encloses the premises in New Metro City, which is also a walled community, providing foolproof security.

    Some of the facilities within the housing project are as follows

    • Protected Gated residential complex
    • 24/7 safety system
    • Magnificent Entryway
    • Corporate & Industrial Hub
    • Public Center
    • Sustainable Environment
    • Tutoring facilities
    • Mosque
    • Cemetery
    • Wellbeing Facilities
    • Drain water and trash disposal system
    • Sports ground
    • Subway system electrification
    • Essential utilities like Water, Gas, Electricity

    New Metro City Gujar Booking procedure

    Bookings for the new Metro City Gujar Khan will almost immediately begin. You also can pre-book your allotment before the company issues booking forms, saving you from having to pay an additional profit over and above the down payment required because of the increasing emphasis on this property. Documents needed for booking are as follows

    • CNIC Copy
    • Kin’s CNIC Copy
    • Pay downpayment through cash, interbank transfer or pay order.

    Final verdict​

    BSM Builders’ New Metro City Gujar Khan is a potential housing project that draws likely inhabitants and investors from the twin cities. We may confidently engage in this housing project because of the top development standard and prompt delivery of previous projects, representing their professionalism and devotion.

    The pre-launch costs are pretty fair but will probably be changed very shortly. Therefore, individuals who make investments at this time will undoubtedly see a quick return on their money.

    Keep checking for official updates as we’ll publish more information about New Metro City Gujar Khan as soon as new advancements occur.


    Q: How does New Metro City Gujar Khan distinguish it from other developments, and what is it?

    A: A new housing development called New Metro City Gujar Khan was created to give people a distinctive way of life at a reasonable price. Its creation has received the full attention of a group of professionals, builders, and other staff members with years of experience.

    Q: Is New Metro City Gujar Khan a legitimate and authorized initiative?

    A: According to TMA, New Metro City Gujar Khan’s NOC has been accepted.

    Q: Is New Metro City Gujar Khan a reasonably priced real estate venture?

    A: Yes, without a doubt, thanks to the simple New Metro City Gujar Khan instalment schedules. The company has been essential in striking a balance between cost and grandeur.

    Q: Is there a chance that investing in New Metro City Gujar Khan will generate a positive profit?

    A: Yes, residents and new investors can handle the New Metro City Gujar Khan price plan. Improve the probability of elevated returns on investments.

    Q: Where is the New Metro City Gujar Khan located?

    A: New Metro City Gujar Khan is situated on the main GT Road.

    Q: Who are the New Metro City Gujar Khan builders?

    A: BSM Developers created New Metro City Gujar Khan.

    New Metro City Gujar Khan

    Posted by bhattiassociatesofficial on October 27, 2022

    New Metro City Gujar Khan is a newly completed project by BSM Developers.

    BSM developers previously built two major projects – Gwadar Golf City in Gwadar and New Metro City in Kharian Sarai Alamgir.  This new project has a lot of potentials and you may want to keep an eye on this, whether or not you intend to reside in Gujar Khan.

    Here are some factors that make New Metro City Gujar Khan a good project to invest in:

    Gujar Khan – An area of opportunity

    Gujar Khan is located in the Rawalpindi District and is one of the largest Tehsils. It is approximately 1-hour drive from Rawalpindi city and since the city is expanding, Gujar Khan becomes a prime location for investment not only for the residents of Gujar Khan but also for people who are looking for good investment opportunities in the Twin Cities.

    While this project may not be in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, it is a state-of-the-art project in a very close town. This makes New Metro City Gujar Khan a prime interest for property investment.

    New Metro City Gujar Khan – Project Overview

    BSM Developers bring forth their new project in Gujar Khan which features a plan that couples both luxury and comfort at competitive rates.

    The housing project has NOC approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and is being marketed in full swing these days. The marketing campaign may be evidence of the legitimacy of this project, while the development is starting soon, the plan looks promising and the pre-launch bookings of both residential and commercial plots have begun.

    The location that suits everyone

    The location of a society plays a great role in its success. The accessibility of the entrances, and the places nearby add to the worth of the project. Investors prefer projects that are developed closer to main landmarks as this makes the property more attractive and also improves the lifestyle of the residents

    Located on the main Grand Trunk (G.T) Road, New Metro City Gujar Khan is a luxury housing project which is attracting people from cities and towns nearby. While the main entrance of the Housing society is on G.T Road, there are several other entry points that connect the project from the main areas of Gujar Khan and even from other nearby cities. It is also close to some important locations such as The Mall of Gujar Khan and the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Railway Line.

    The Facilities for a Complete Lifestyle

    The builders of New Metro City Gujar Khan claim it to be ‘A Complete Lifestyle’ and that is based on the facilities provided to the residents of the society. Some of the facilities planned for the project are:

    • 24/7 Security
    • Water Supply and Sewerage system
    • Electricity and Gas
    • Schools
    • Health Center
    • Parks
    • Jogging track
    • Shopping malls
    • Commercial Area
    • Mosque
    • Community Centers

    The Offering and the Opportunity

    The society plan offers 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots for sale and commercial plots of different sizes. The booking of these plots is now in process. The main boulevard will be 250 ft wide, with a 10ft green belt on both sides and the streets are 40 ft wide.

    In addition, the commercial center will be a good opportunity for new entrepreneurs to set up businesses as well as seasoned businesses to expand.

    Since the pre-launch booking of the plots has started, this may be the best time to get an early bird deal on the property as the prices are highly likely to rise exponentially once the project is launched and physical development begins where the society starts taking its planned shape. Since this is a well-planned project from a reliable developer, it may be one of the hottest investment opportunities in Pakistan at this point in time.

    If you are based in the twin cities, interested in knowing more about New Metro City, and looking for a reliable property dealer, then Souqalard has 15 years of experience in the property market and will be able to guide you to make a sound investment that suits both your budget and ideal. You can contact them by calling or sending a WhatsApp message at +92 346 111 333 2 or by emailing them at

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