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The capital city of Islamabad is home to probably the most beautifully arranged and tastefully satisfying housing societies in Pakistan. Therefore, if you are hoping to purchase property in the twin urban cities either with the end goal of investment or to reside there, buying a plot or a house in Gulberg Islamabad is presumably perhaps your ideal choice.

Gulberg Islamabad is viewed as the epitome of extravagance and calmness in the government capital which is known for its regular excellence and top-notch infrastructure. Situated in the core of Islamabad, this quickly developing land project reclassifies dream living with its sheer meticulousness, revolving around the clean and reasonable way of life, super present-day housing choices, and accessibility of the multitude of most recent facilities you can imagine.


The location of Gulberg Islamabad is perhaps its most charming element, which is saying a great deal given the sorts of conveniences and facilities this venture vows to offer its residents.

Gulberg Islamabad is effectively open from all parts of the twin urban cities as it is located close to the fundamental Islamabad expressway at the convergence of Zones 4 and 5 of Islamabad Capital Territory. The society has even built its own sign-free underpass on the Islamabad expressway to aid the occupants of Gulberg Islamabad as well as the guests. The underpass has two passages, one from Naval Anchorage and the other from Chak Shahzad. This implies driving forward and backward from this luxurious housing society will be as problem-free as it can get.

In the meantime, the well-known Aabpara Market, which is one of the significant business center points in the capital city, is something like a 30-minute-drive away from Gulberg Islamabad. It is situated a ways off of around 15.2 kilometers. Moreover, Koral Chowk and T-Chowk are situated a good ways off of around 9 and 16 kilometers from the super land project by means of the Gulberg expressway. The eminent housing society of Bahria Town Islamabad is likewise just 15.2 kilometers from Gulberg Islamabad.


Here are some of the features of Gulberg Islamabad, which make it a household name when it comes to housing societies.


This residential plan partakes in an optimal location in the twin urban communities. All plots are created on 50 to 160 feet wide streets.  The development of a committed underpass has guaranteed a problem-free drive to and from the project. Very nearly 80% of the area has been devoted to green spaces and green belts, guaranteeing a sound way of life among those living in Gulberg Islamabad. Society flaunts a solid and feasible framework. It has a wide organization of very much cleared streets, including the 12-lane and 220 feet wide Gulberg expressway. In the meantime, different streets and lanes in the project are around 50 to 160 feet wide.


One of the most fundamental facilities in Gulberg Islamabad is its ever-safe environment. With a group of 500 security faculty, the neighborhood experiences 24-hour security. According to its groundbreaking strategy, the housing society will cater to grounds of respectable schools as well as cutting-edge clinical offices. Gulberg Islamabad will likewise include a 5-star hotel, super shopping center, corporate structures, and various sporting spots for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Essential conveniences, for example, water supply, gas connections, and continuous power are likewise among the most striking highlights of the housing society. The underground link and electrical wiring guarantee the housing society looks spotless and very much kept up with according to the global ways of life

Gulberg Islamabad has appropriate waste administration and an underground seepage framework. The streetlamps introduced on the principal avenues as well as administration streets are solar-based, which shows the society’s emphasis on supportable living.

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