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The first ever organised urban building initiative of Bahria Town in Pakistan is the Bahria Lifestyles Commercial. It is founded by a tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain, a real estate firm. The business was launched at the end of the 90s and was certainly an investment project of high return.

It was soon a favourite of people who wanted to invest in the immobilisation market.
his scheduled, private community is known as Islamabad’s most successful schemes offering residents modern amenities. In addition, it is according to the shopping patterns one of the most searched places in the world.

This article offers you a rundown of all the benefits that make it an enticing place to live.


In addition , the group has nine stages from phase 1 and 9. The first six steps are between Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s two major routes. These are the primary path of the GT and the Islamabad Expressway.

Phase 7 and 8 are located next to DHA Phase 1 Islamabad, off the Grand Trunk Road. Finally, Phase 9 is 10-minute drive north, connected to GT Road by Expressway.

In addition, some other housing schemes are also around this city, like:

Housing Administration for Defense (DHA) East
Lalazar to the north and Askari 14
Society for PWD Life
Prices and growth updates
Bahria Town is a well-known property that offers the largest private housing infrastructure for Asia and expands it. This business has purchased an ultra-modern living experience through different economic and work prospects for local residents.

The seven first steps are fully established. There are also a huge number of people who work there. It has a wide range of commercial areas that have been developed.

The official website of Bahria Town notes that:

  • There are nearly 300,000 people here.
  • Approximately 90% of the properties and houses in the phases 1 to 6 are sold.
  • Also 75% of the houses are sold out in step 7.
  • Step 8 is, however, still in progress. Hence,
  • It has been populated just 40 % to 50% of this phase.

Finally, phase 9 has finished, but the expansion of phase 8 is under way. The status is not yet clear as a separate step.

Vending Rates
Below are the new trends in sales prices in Bahria Lifestyles Commercial for residences, plots, apartments and commercial properties. Get a look at prices depending on the size and area of homes.

Selling House
For investors and consumers, the business has become the safest choice. In addition, the Bahria Lifestyle Commercial selling price trend is also growing.
The cost of a 5 marla house is typically between PKR 40 lakh and PKR 2 , respectively. Likewise, from PKR 1 crore, 10 marla houses for sale are as high as 3.5 crore. The price range ranges from 3 to 4 Crores for 1 and 2 Kanal houses.

Selling flats
Movable and unfurnished apartments are both available for rent in the neighbourhood. Prices are between 13 lakhs and 96.5 lakhs.
One-bedded PKR 13 lakh apartment at PKR 85 lakh.
2 and 3-bedroom PKR 20 lakh PKR 2 crore. 2-bedroom flats.

Company Selling Land
There are also five marla, 10 marla and one channel commercial plots up for rent. The pattern in selling rates ranged from 32 to 1,18 pounds PKR.

Bahia Town Islamabad Rent Rates
The last pricing patterns in Bahria Lifestyle Commercial are listed below. Continue reading to see prices for homes , apartments and commercial properties according to size and location.

The first edition is Rent Home
The rent varies between PKR 45,000 and 70,000 a month for a 5 Marla home. 10 marla home, however, begins at PKR 32,000 and grows 1 lakh per month as high as PKR. Likewise, 1-channel house rent monthly amounts to approximately 66,000 to 2.5 lakhs per month.

Renting flats
Apartment rent rates vary according to the number of bedrooms.Apartment with 1 bedroom varies from 15,000 to 55,000 PKR.
Apartment for 2-bedroom rent PKR 30,000 PKR 1 crore.Finally, the apartments with 3 bedrooms are about 20,000 PKR to 65,000 PKR a month.

Company Rent Assets
In Bahria Lifestyles has competitive rates as of Bahria Town, monthly rent is PKR 18,000 to PKR 1 lakh for both furnished and semi-furnished offices. In comparison, rental prices between PKR 32,000 and PKR 1 lakh per week vary from 1 to 2 marla shops.

Islamabad Bahria Town Ventures
A number of schemes have been started in Bahria Lifestyle Commercial. The following are:

Safari Valley Bahria Town
Overseas Bahria Enclave
Garden City Bahria Town
slamabad Bahria Enclave
Awami Apartments Villas
Commercial Bahria Town
iconIslamabad Bahria Enclave
iconCommercial Bahria Town
Islamabad Bahria Enclave
It’s an exclusive luxury scheme in Bahria towns. It is also situated in the vicinity of Chak Shahzad which connects Bahria Enclave with Park Road and Kuri Road.

There is a suburban parcel of 5, 8 , 10 Marla and 1 , 2, 4 Channels.

Industrial plots of 4 and 8 Marla

Why Invest
Group gated
24/7 security and control framework
Electricity production uninterrupted
Hospitals well known
Open investing options
Centres, cinemas and health centres
Entertainment areas like parks
Group gated
24/7 security and control framework
Electricity production uninterrupted
Hospitals well known
Open investing options
Centres, cinemas and health centres
Entertainment areas like parks
System of Water Supply
Stations of Police
Bureaux postaux
Station of Fire
Terminal of Bus
Exchanges of phone
Wide facilities
The previous summary shows the general view of the city of Islamabad in Bahria. Let ‘s speak about several big facilities for the community ‘s inhabitants.

Transportation to the public
The business has its own Bahria Town Travel Service travel scheme. Through using this facility, people can conveniently visit all major areas. Taxi systems like Uber and Careem can also be used.

Centers for shopping
There are also various kinds of shopping centres with foodstuffs to support customers. Punjab Cash and Carry, Taw Seen Complex, Dana Pani Supermarket, Marina Mart, Stop & Shop, and Al Jannat Cash and Carry, are amongst others.


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